The Special Social Club

A world without limitations! 

Everyone has the right to activities that makes you happy, gives you energy and where you can be with each other. Basic social rights such as dancing, social interaction, dating, playing sports, and enjoying art galleries are unfortunately not yet self-evident for people with disabilities.

The Special Social Club is on a mission to lower the barriers in terms of going out, sports and being with others. We organise inclusive going out parties, festivals, sports events and art & culture events. Currently, more than 2.000 people are reached and the inclusive activities are organised in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Projects of The Special Social Club


• SSC going out parties at local hotspots. We create a fun and safe environment where we connect people with disabilities and people without disabilities to party together! Every six weeks we organise a party in three large cities. 
• Our DJ-team DJ Bobo and MC Perez perform at events such as Heineken-employee festival, Amsterdam Dance Event and Cinetree Film Festival. 

We have reached 2.000 people with disabilities.


• Sports Festival at Nike Campus
• Sports clinics in Amsterdam and Utrecht
• Participating in the Amsterdam Marathon, Rotterdam Marathon and Utrecht Singelloop. Herewith, we show that everyone can participate in such large events and that a disability does not have to limit you!

45 people with disabilities and 80 volunteers have joined the 3 Marathon events.


• Exhibition JOY is inspired by various experiences of happiness and created by different artists with a special story. With this exhibition, we create an environment where people look at your talents instead of your limitations. 
• An election debate to inform and motivate people with disabilities to vote in last March’s municipal elections. Moreover, we engaged with parties to talk about accessibility. 

5.000 visitors at the JOY Exhibition.

Impact Program

• We organise Paralympic sports clinics as team outings for businesses. 
• At the ‘Special Social Friends Club’ we keep businesses and private donors engaged. 
• We give presentations about accessibility in the nightlife scene. 

300 people have experienced playing sports in a wheelchair.
“It’s so nice to be able to dance, meet others and do something fun on my weekend.”



SO-Collection Merchandise

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First exhibition by The Special Social Club

Exhibition JOY is a diversity of euphoric experiences. JOY takes you into the wonderful world of artists, these are artists with a special story. You will see their pure personality through different perspectives. You will be taken into the JOY of colours, scents and materials. Let those happy, positive emotions flow.

Everyone is welcome. With tactile art, good audio and art at different heights, the expo is accessible to everyone. In short: a total experience where you will have a special experience with different senses!

Exhibition JOY is a pop-up exhibition at The New Institute in Rotterdam, from 01/11/2022 to 21/11/2022. Come and experience JOY! 


Would you like to join an event?

Are you curious about the most fun and inclusive events? Come and join our party. Should you like it so much, which can’t be helped, you can become a volunteer of the Special Social Club and participate in the events more often without any obligation.

“If you think regular going out is fun, you should drop by our parties sometime. As a volunteer and designated party animal, I am always on the dance floor. I oversee everyone’s moods and where necessary, I’ll have a chat or we’ll chill out in the ‘chill out zone’. I have never made so many new friends in one evening as I did at the SSC. It’s great to see how everyone’s contribution makes for a nice and truly inclusive atmosphere. A place where you can genuinely be yourself and everyone appreciates you for who you are. Besides the fact that the events are genuinely fun, it gives great satisfaction to make the world less small for people with disabilities in this way..”